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Champagne flute by 1954 (6pc)

Champagne flute by 1954 (6pc)

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Champagne flute glass by 1954 (6pc)

This slim elegance champagne flute by 1954 are designed with elevated feature that will mark every occasion with impression. The unique height of the champagne glass extents the bubble string and allows better enjoyment.

  • 29.5CM Height x 5CM Rim
  • Handmade
  • Lead Free
  • 250ml
  • Dishwasher safe

Innovation of Techniques

By the brand new fusing, blown and processing technique, the glass is stainless, with splendid technique and smooth rim.

Innovation of Values

Back to the value of hand-made, highlight its elegance and unique. Embody the wise and diligence, bring the top quality glassware to your dining table.

Innovation of Design

Designed by French masters, combined the professional wine culture with exquisite glassware, the design are more professional, modern and elegant.

Innovation of Material

The new crystal glass HFTR69, gives higher transparence, more durable and with melodious clean sound. 


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